Hot Chocolate and I

My name is Yaela Dror. I’m 47 years old, married, and have two children. I hold a degree in Chemistry and Business Administration Studies. I'm a New Age mystic who has developed the unique concept of ‘Hot Chocolate Reading’.
Since childhood, I’ve understood that I have the ability to ‘see’ a world beyond the everyday. A world of feelings, thoughts, and intentions. As a child, I was fearful of this gift. Over time I learned to channel what I saw through card reading and Kabbalistic numerology. A window can open to reveal a world of repressed, subconscious memories and feelings. As we better understand the ‘rules of the game’, and our intentions and choices, the soul can be released.

In today’s world, the intensity that comes with being constantly active distances us from being in our own ‘present’ and from our primary source which is love, the most important foundation of all.
Today, I provide professional guidance, including emotional guidance. With empowerment as my purpose, I work to help as many people as possible reach a pure source of inner love and compassion.

Why Hot Chocolate?

The word chocolate immediately brings to mind childhood with all its memories, reactions, weaknesses, and strengths which are not always empowering. We are still the child we once were but in a physically mature form.
My background in Chemistry and Business Administration, gives me the ability and experience to produce formulas. My favorite formula is the chocolate drink because of the cocoa plant’s impressive history. Cocoa, in some cultures, was as valuable as gold, due to its healing powers and wonderous taste. The chocolate drink was once considered a luxury for royalty, by the Mayan and Aztec Indian tribes who attributed medicinal and magical properties to it.
I believe that hot chocolate is a means to and expression of a process that allows us to dive in and move from a state of curiosity to a state of alertness and self-awareness. The experiential encounter between us begins with the fine taste and aroma, then opens our hearts to a special and exciting personal journey.

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Yaela Dror

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